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sea change x16 (scbx16) boats (


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Hi All,

just wondering if anyone on here owns or has been for a ride in a Sea Change x16 boat.

Have been looking into them as I’m in the market for a fibreglass hull that’s not too expensive. Will only be fishing inshore and up creeks. Fly fishing off the casting deck and fishing the flats here in Western Australia.

the boats look super clean and well made. They are actually made by Haines Hunter. It’s a little spin off brand and design they are doing. Been out now for a few years. Just haven’t found many reviews on them etc ..

Here is a link




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im in the market for similar and ive seen a few for sale on this side of the country. i think the hulls are imported by Haines and fitted out here rather than made here (but i could be wrong). i did a bit of googling and the SCB (not sure whether they are affiliated or not but similar production method for their hulls) in the US have had lots of trouble with their hulls cracking - so not sure that the technology will withstand Australian conditions.

Id hate to drop coin on a fibreglass boat and have to nurse it like a pressed tinny!

Never ridden in one but so cannot give a definitive review - id be interested to hear from anyone that has owned/ ridden in one!


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All the words are there to tell you its made off shore not in Aus.  Is that good or bad….time will be the only test of that.  

I am sitting here in my chinese built but locally fitted out hybrid camper van next to a creek loving everything about it but this is about the 3rd generation of this model van so they are now quite sorted.

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