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Fishing rod factory tour video

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Hey cool video.

A few things I've notice from my experience in making a pitiful 5 custom rods:

When they are in the stage of apply the sticker or paint for the rod name and specs to then wrapping and epoxying guides there is a step that seems to have been missed. Usually once a blank has been polished the rods need to be tested to find the ideal bending point. I would typically hold the blank about 45cm from the tip and hover the rod butt off the ground, slowly twisting the blank from the tip, the butt will then do an up and down bobbing movement, you will then need to be consistently watching till it is going completely straight up and down not wavering in an oval shape if that makes sense. By finding this bending point the rod will then assembled in the most ideal direction so that when a fish is hook the rods bend can occur straight down not down but with a twist because the rod is out of alignment. 

Additionally, before and after wrapping on guides they should be tested for alignment with the reel seat. You can make small adjustments after the wrapping has occurred, once your sure they are aligned the you should apply epoxy. If you watch carefully (14:50), when he holds the rod up to the lighting and against a white wall he is checking alignment after epoxy, this is dumb because if a guide is out of place it can't be restored and therefore that rod isn't produced to the ideal standard.

Anyway, just my 2 cents, I'm not knocking the video, it was quite good they were just two things I noticed being different from what I would normally do. 


Cheers, Peter.

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