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New boat, what to get?


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Hey guys 

I’m looking at purchasing a new boat, I’ve been looking at something in the 6mtr range plate alloy, I have a budget of hopefully 60k odd but the more I look I keep finding a touch better boat for 70/80 such as a bar crusher 680ht with 600/700 hrs.

im looking for some advise on if it’s necessary to have something as big and, well flash, or if sticking to the original budget and not getting the absolute dream boat is better.

looking for suggestions on boat brand and size 

most days will be out in decent weather not looking to push it to hard but would like it to be able to handle some returning slop if need be 

south coast nsw and chasing offshore reef fish cheers guys 

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I like the stabicraft for offshore work....down side of them apart from looks is the cockpit is a bit narrow but easily fishable.

I'm not sure you will find a new platey in your 60k, but you should find a few good second hand boats that would suit.

Look in the auction sites like Lloyds....some good buys in there at times....not usually thought of by the average Joe.

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$60k is definitely on the low end for a NEW platey. You would have to compromise on size (length) to fit into that budget and be on the water.

I would go secondhand brand name platey in that price range.


1) What's the bar crossing like in your area? Is it relatively tame or sketchy?

2) How many people will be fishing onboard?

3) How far is the run to your offshore spots? What's your ideal cruising speed / motor hp combo?



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I’m happy to go second hand for sure just hoping to get Ellie hour yammy or suk 


depending on how far I travel most of the bars are tame if not main access straight out to offshore and not sure I’d like to be able to get to the shelf but most probably just hanging around 15nm  and also mainly me and the misso or mate Mabey up to four odd but rarely

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I think you are on the mark at looking at a 6m plate for your purposes (usually 2 up) and tame bar crossing, 15nm. I'd only going bigger again if you wanted to go wider to shelf.

This is my rule of thumb $10k per meter of plate boat (decent secondhand)

5m = $50k

6m = $60k

7m = $70k

So if you are considering the bigger boat it works out to be $10k for that extra 1m of room 🙂 

Remember its $60k purchase, but likely you will mod and make additions /electronics on top of the purchase price.


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