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Barra Gear?


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Ok. Im a Barra virgin.

Look like this Summer trip to Awoonga will take place and i dont want to take my Sp gear there only to be spooled of my breaid in ten mins. That would be oh so much fun.

So my question is this.

Who here has done any real barra fishinh, bearing mind that Awoonga is well known for its 1m plus specimens.

What gear do you use? Line? Lures and Set up?

I really dont have a clue and the \"magazine\" fishermen seem to use a huuuge varierty of stuff, so id like to hear it from people who dont seem to like spending $1000 dollars on a reel when there is a $200 option as much as much as me :P

So yeah give me your advice please.

I will still take my lite SP gear i think though as there are also Sotty Grunter and Yellows in teh dam. Wouldnt a big yellow on 6lb be a ride!



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Angus im no pro barra fisherman, I know that the lure fisherman use low profile bait casters with pretty heavey braid. i know they use a variety of lures shallow divers popers etc etc. The best advice i could give you is to purchase a dvd on barra fishing in impoundments. Also talk to the guys at tacklewhare house.


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Im no pro at barra fishing either but i have been to tinaroo once, now probably the last thing you want to do is go undergunned cos like you said you will get spooled, you probably want a baitcaster like the millionaire or calcutta reels, but if you want a reel with the power go for a black sheep or blue backer from daiwa, 7kg and 5kg of drag respectively. Then you want a decent stick of about 10kg, and finish with 40-50lb braid and 80lb leader, read up and ask around for wat lures are the go at that time, also when you get there always ask the locals on the hot spots and wat not, you dont have to spend alot of money but gear in the mid range is fine, i have a daiwa luna on a 10kg tcure rod for trolling for pelagics, so im sure it could handle barra, it cost me under $500 with braid, hope this helps in some way,

cheers Tom

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