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I impulse bought the atomic arrows estuary rod, what fish should I target with it and what can I do with it?

James Reeves

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I recently impulse bought a Atomic Arrows Estuary Rod, I couldn't help it as it was marked down to just half of it's original price! I have put off buying it a reel for a while and it's simply been sitting in my garage, I just don't know what I can use it for as I primarily fish for dusky flathead on light gear with plastics. I am intrigued in trying something new, especially since I have never caught a fish on a hardbody lure that wasn't a flathead,  if anyone could suggest a fish I could target with the rod and some lures to buy alongside it that would be great! I live in Brisbane so I would prefer to not have to drive very far to target the species.

Note: My mate agreed to me loaning his 3000 size Vanford until I get my own reel on it.

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Yes a Nasci or a Vanford in the 2500-3000 size range should be sweet with that rod.

as for species there is a whole heap of species to target with that size outfit, I wouldn't target any specific species but just fish general and see what you get. A better option is to look at what areas it will be suitable to fish around you.

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Sounds like a steal, if you are looking for a reel i would suggest calling up some anacondas and asking about the 2019 kix and Freams, they are on insane clearance deals, im just about to buy a 19 kix 2000 on clearance for $100.  they wont come up on the website but if you call the store they might have them

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