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New weapon's first catch.


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Got myself a new rod for breaming lately.Being tempted after having a look and play with it, cannot resist to take it home. :P

Took it out to the river to have a quick session today, but the rain made me all wet through just after I arrived. :angry:

Fish with weedless worm hook with the squidgies wriggler, FC straight through. 1 hit 1 get, got this little breambo I think just around legal size (23cm), and released it back. Nice rod, feel weightless in hand and very sensitive. ;)1622-20100511.JPG


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Old Scaley wrote:

Congrats on the fish and christening the new rod. Lucky about the release as the new size limit is 25cm for bream.

Oh, thanks for reminding. :blush: I am not always keeping an eye on legal size as I mostly release my catch. :blush:

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