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Hello and welcome to the site :)

Take a look at the fishing reports - esp brisbane river & creeks and have a look-see on what people use - there isnt one certain perfect spot or one perfect bait. It does help if you 'match the hatch' and use a cast-net to gather live-bait; or use a lure to imitate the bait which is located in the same area to target your fish.

Hope i helped and looking forward to seeing some reports from you

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I fish the river mostly around the city, a list of a few spots that have been good to me:

Kangaroo Point Cliffs:

Around the rock climbing wall. There are some small wooden walkways/ platforms. High tide works best around here. Use prawns, strips of squid. This place has quite a number of snags though.

Thronton Ferry terminal:

If you walk from Kangaroo Point Cliffs towards Thornton ferry terminal there are a couple of small shelters that you could fish from. There is a small red one beside one that goes further out into the river. Cast from here towards the white pier. Had most luck her for flatties and catfish. Some bream although not consistent.

Mowbray Park:

There's a pontoon at the park, fish along the wall for some bream. Never had much luck with other species here.


There is a small pier south of the ferry terminal. This is where I fish the most. Caught bout 6 Jewies here so far, all just under 75cm. Lots of breams around at high tide as well. Other species caught are stingrays, cod, moses perch, whiting and flattie.

Been really hooked on bream fishing recently, good fun on ultralight gear.

Can't go wrong with prawns n squid. Live bait is always the best, but when it isn't available some banana prawns cut up will do just fine for a quick fishing session. Bread works for bream as well.

Haven't had much luck with HB lures, doesn't stop me from trying though.

Good Luck; Have Fun

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