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Hi all, I'm new to fishing in Australia

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Hello all, 

I'm John I'm 23 and travelling from the UK in march to your beautiful country. I love fishing and don't want to give it up whilst im in Australia. I'll be in Sydney mostly but also travelling up the coast to Cairns. 

I've been float and ledger fishing stillwater lakes and ponds in the UK Since 2020 mostly for Carp and course fish. I've fishing on my local river a handful of times with a mate so I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to rivers and lure fishing and a complete newbie to saltwater. 

I'm exited to have a go at fishing over here but feel I could do with some idea of the set ups people are using, tactics,spots,rules and regs for NSW and Queensland and just any tips or info anyone would be willing to share. 

I'm up for catching anything really as I'd most likely be with a few mates who have next to no angling experience so catching anything is a plus. 

Big thanks for taking the time to read. 



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Hi John and welcome to the site and Oz.  

NSW requires a fishing licence and you get that online for a day, a week or a year 

QLD only requires a permit/license for impoundments that have been stocked.  Search Stocked impoundments permit 

plenty of great fishing on your way up the coast both in the salt and the fresh.  Australian Bass and estuary perch as good options in freshwater and from the bank on lures. Do not need an overly big outfit. 6lb line. 

in the estuaries have a look to videos on Flathead, bream and whiting 

As you get further up the coast in Queensland  you can start to get some bigger species to target from shore   Just get yourself aware of our friendly 🐊 crocs  Barramundi are good, mangrove jacks as well 

finally when you make it up to Cairns, my new neck of the woods  lol me up and I may be able to get you out onto the reef  


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Welcome to the forum.

When you are coming to Brisbane, let us know and we may be able to get a few of us with boats to take you and your mates out in a group.

As far as what gear you will need - lots of different types, depending on where and what you're fishing for. Best to wait and find out when you know that answer.

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Either put it out there you want to get on board a boat or charter in your area and I am sure you will get a good response. Coming from your fishing background you have an awful lot to learn what works here so opt for an inshore charter first up is me best advice....at least then they will actively teach you what works up front. Then hitch a ride with some local fishos.

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17 hours ago, Huxstang said:

Welcome….we are a friendly bunch - stay in contact when you arrive.  Just remember its a big place so you cant drive from sydney to brisbane to go fishing for the day 

So you haven't done a run from Brissy to Proserpine for a fish for a day before??    Talk about a lack of commitment!! heheh

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