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Jarvis Watersnake Storage


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Just wondering if those with watersnake bow mounts leave their motor stored in the "horizontal" position?

I have been leaving mine that way, and have noticed the shaft is gaining a slight camber in it, and have therefore decided to prop it up with buckets which not in use to keep it level.

Has anyone else's developed a slight bend in the shaft?

Any help in the proper storage of bow mount electrics would be much appreciated


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Hey chonna, do you leave it attached to the boat??

I stole my idea off zim man. All it takes is a piece of 5omm diameter pvc to prop it up, with a slight curve cut in the top to cradel the shaft. Cut it to length(i.e deck to shaft) so it supports the shaft near the head. Great for travelling as well.

I don't have a pic at the moment but I hope this helps?

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