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Sommerset Cod


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For any interested i was talking to Shultzy about Cod in Sommerset.

This is the info he provided me.

(James i thought you might like this)


Cod aren't terribly common in Somerset but if you target them they can be caught. I have a look for them each year in early summer and have landed at least one every summer since 1994 or 95. I've even got that first capture, by one of my sons at about 9yo, on video. We use brightly coloured lures, 80mm Boomerangs in hot tiger or fireball red have accounted for a lot of our cod. Alternatively a 1/2oz AusSpin ultraspin in chart/lime or chart/orange. We fish steep shorelines around stumps and rocks. The attached pic is one I got casting one of those AusSpins around the mouth of Wyangi Creek in Somerset, Sept '02.

Wivehoe is a different story. There should be 40lbers in there but i've never heard of one being caught.



[img size=400]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/IMG_0341.JPG


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