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Still Windy


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Hi guys, well another windy week on the Goldy, but with a forecast of 10 to 15 knots Wayne and myself hit the Broadwater in the hope it would be ok.

Well we caught fish but the 10 to 15 didn't last long, checked the Bureau when i got home and it was blowing 30 knots at Seaway.

The fishing however was reasonable with half a dozen nice fish landed, a couple of bite offs that i presume were good Tailor, one fish straightening hooks after a 5 minute fight and Wayne loosing a good Snapper beside the boat.

No good whinging about the ones that got away, that's life.

Interesting part was Wayne was getting a lot more bites on the plastics but the Blades were attracting the bigger fish too big on a couple of occasions.

The Trev in the photo with the soft plastic in its mouth is a Mc Carthys soft plastic that has been cut down to suit the small jighead used, these plastics are amazingly soft and this creates a lot of action.

When we fish like this i use blades but will "deadstick" a soft plastic out the back of the boat, amazing how many fish it catches.

I know a few of the guys bought those cheap blades like i did, at a couple of dollars each why not.

The hooks and split rings on these were not matched on mine and fowled up regularly not letting the blade vibrate properly, i changed the hooks to doubles and they were much better although these hooks were not as strong as i would have liked, just thought the guys that bought them might want to check theirs.

I used these blades this morning and worked much better, oh well looks like whiting tomorrow unless this damn wind stops, cheers wayne

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Thanks guys, Henry i got one on 3lb Braid and the little Areal rod i won at State of origin, that was fun.

ZanO, yes mate i am so over this wind it's not funny.

Toonie, i have my bait and am going tomorrow for a look, has been terrific whiting fishing the last month or so, not that it's ever bad, cheers wayne

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