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PB Bass


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I usually try to knock off work a little early on a friday and fit in a bit of a fish to get the weekend started off right. Lately we have had some very average friday sessions in the salt, so my brother and I decided hit a few nice bass spots in the hinterland for a change.

We fished the first spot for not a touch, and this is super unusual for these areas, its normally fish a cast sort of action. Drove down the road a little further to try a spot that never fails to produce and usually with good 30cm+ fish.

Anyway a couple of casts later while twitching a Nories Laydown minnow along a weed edge I watched a huge bass come out and engulf the lure. I had to swim to land the fish as my rod was nearing its breaking point if I had of lifted the fish up the bank. Up came a new PB for me, just over 46cm fork of fat healthy bass. Really surprised there are fish this big in these skinny creeks, would be no more than 3 foot deep in most places and 5 meters wide at best.

Still yet to crack the 50 fork, but happy with this fish for a good size wild specimen.


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