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toxic avenger

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A quick hello and introduction. Looking forward to seeing and providing some good fishing reports in the near future and sharing any knowledge (or lack of) that I may have.

I do most of my fishing locally around the north side (Pine, Cabbagetree/Nundah, Redcliffe etc.) and nine times out of ten I have one or more of my 3 boys with me(9,7 and 5 years old). I have a boat that belongs to my father inlaw that he doesn't use. It is a 1967 12 foot quintrex with a home paint job and a 15 hp mariner. I have modified it a bit with a floor and casting deck/storage. It don't go fast but it gets me there and is good for the rivers and creeks and the close in bay on a really good day.

I will be picking peoples brains as we come into summer cause I would like to be able to get the kids onto some bull sharks this year (I reckon they could handle them now) so I might need info on a good spot bait rig etc.

Cheers Kev

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G'day Kev,

Sounds like me!

I've got 3 terrorists of my own, 10,8 (boys) and 5 (daughter).

I am at Morayfield, been mostly beach fishing, or out with Rayke1938 (my father) in one of his numerous boats!

Look forward to your reports, and maybe seeing you at one of the outings that occurs from time to time. (Got one Sunday at Hinze Dam, and another at Awoonga in November).

Also got the \"Main Event\" scheduled to happen early in December, the Brisbane River Classic comp, which is mainly targeting bull sharks, in the Brisbane River.

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Gday mate.

Welcome to the site.

As feral said we have plenty of informal meets just to fish and yarn and what not.

Also our official comp the \"Brisbane River Classic\" will be in early december.

As far as bullies check out the hints and tips tab for some brief info.

But as away in the forums as there is a wealth of info here.

Good fishing.


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