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Plague Of Little Tackers On The Pine 2.4.16


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Hello all a report for my last fishing session on the Pine

I left home at 2.15pm on the way to tackle land to buy my bait and some hooks (as I rip thru my hook supplies bream fishing) the bait I got was pacific harvest mullet gut with the onion which was GREAT value for money $5.00 for 300g (for frozen bait). I drove up to spot X to give it a ago on the rising tide as I've only fished it on the falling tide. The conditions forecasted were 5.30pm High Tide, 10knot ENE wind, sunset at 5.43pm which was spot on.

I got to the nearest place I could park the car which is 1.2kms from the water at 2.40pmish. I got down to my spot and there was NO other shore based fishers there only 2 boats drifting 15m out from me!! I drefrosted the mullet gut and rigged my 3lb outfit up. The rig of choice was 3lb braid -> 2m 4lb mono leader (tied to mainline by Albright) -> sz00 ball sinker -> eagle claw sz4 octopus hook.

I started fishing at 3.00pm and as soon as my bait hit the water... tap, tap, tap, quick-pull and had that problem for 2 hours until I hooked my first fish which put up quite a feisty fight on the light gear but the bite problem was quickly explained to me as I landed the fish it was a 22cm bream. I keep fishing after that fish as I've caught solid bream in the same spot so I knew they were there and the next cast I pulled out a 25cm bream which got bleed out and put on ice. For the next hour till 6.00pm the fish went on the bite and ended up landing 5 more just under sized bream and got 2 bust offs as well as I dropped a another small bream. I left at 6.00pm and the sun was nearly down and went and got dinner.  

So all up the catch was: 1 legal bream, 6 just-undersized bream, 2 bust offs, & 1 dropped fish.

Thanks for reading another dribble of mine! :)

[one of the many just-unders]


[only legal of the session - note the chunkiness of the fish]


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