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Few April Bream Reports - Been Slack


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Hello, a few reports from my fishing in April - from most recent to least recent

Saturday, 30 April 2016

I left home at 2.00pm on the way to tackle land carsendine to put some fuel in the car and get some bait. And after the tackle land stop I drove off to the Shorncliffe pier to try and get some quality bream. When I got to the pier's parking area it was packed so I had to park up on the street and walk down to it. I had set up beside the pavilion and my outfit of choice was:

- shimano sonic pro 7'0, 2kg - 4kg, 2pce spin rod

- shimano sieena FD 1000, 3kg drag spin reel

- berkley vanish 8lb fluorocarbon line

A great priced outfit $140.00 and it does the job fairly good on the bread and butter species.

I had got fresh salted mullet and fresh bay prawns as bait. I was casting my baits tight up against the pylons and was getting plenty of taps and bumps from pickers and had enough from the onslaught of toads, and pike so I walked around the headland to baxters jetty and fished off that for an hour and managed two 15cm bream and then left at last light.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

I got down to South Pine River on the 24 April 2016 at 9.00am to chase some bream on bread. High tide was at about 10.00am, and there was 20knot SE wind. I set my self up at Bob Bell Park on the boat ramp, using the same outfit as the 30 April 2016, but the rig was a sz2 mustad fineworm hook tied to my mainline (no sinker, just the hook). I burleyed up the water around the boat with chunks of bread the same size of my bait and squished a bit of bread on to my hook and flicked it out about 5m from the ramp.

I fished it hard for 90 minutes and managed to pull out 4 bream from 17cm - 24cm which was good cheap fun with a light drag setting.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

I drove off to scarbough on the 16 April 2016 to get some fresh mullet from morgons and then fish the entrance walls to the scrabough boat harbour.

I got to morgons at 8.20am thinking that they opened at 8.30am which I was wrong they actually open at 9.00am which was a bit silly on my part. So I went for a walk around the harbour and finally got my mullet then drove 2 minutes around the corner to the parking area and walked around on the bikepath to the northern entrance wall which for 2 hours fished I manged nothing.

So a quick drive down to the woody point pier where it was blowing 20knots. I fished the pylons and manged two bream 1 going 25cm and 1 going 10cm, then gave up and drove home.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

I got up early and drove off to the shorny pier to fish it before the crowds set in. I got my bait from sandgate bait and tackle and got to the pier at 6.30am.

The bait I had choosen was hardyheads and I went from pylon to pylon letting my hardyhead baits float down beside the pylons. I fished for an hour and manged 1 legal bream for my efforts which wasn't too bad for a crowded spot.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Another early start had me driving off to Tackle land Carsendine to buy some salted mullet then drive off to DWB to chase some bream. I was fishing the rising tide and it was overcast with light SW winds.

I got to DWB at 6.30am and walked out onto the western boardwalk... my outfit of choice was

- shimano sonic pro 7'0 2kg 4kg 2pce spin rod

- shimano sieena 1000 3kg drag spin reel

- 3lb berkley fireline crystal

and the rig was 3lb braid -> 2m 6lb fluoro leader -> sz0 ball sinker -> sz4 eagle claw octopus hook

I fished the boardwalk for 3 hours with only 1 16cm bream being caught so I moved down to the pontoon area flicking a little rmg scorpion 35 hardbody and had no success so I left.


Thanks for reading, sorry for the all the reports being put into one post :) 

And here's the only pic I managed to get as well (tells the slackness well ;)) - 15cm bream on the 30 April 2016


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