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Getting Back In The Ul Game

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Afternoon all,

So it seems after finding a job and myself at the same time I've decided to get back into my ultra light finesse lure chucking.

I've done my shopping and research and have really fallen for a Daiwa Presso setup, 1-3kg rod and 1500 (I think) Presso Iprimi reel. This setup will be a dedicated sp stick running 2-4 pound braid, and will be tackling bream, trevally and the likes around SE  Qld.

I'm looking for a bit of feedback from anyone that has used this particular gear (rod or reel). It feels great in the hand but I'd love to hear any first hand experience anyone has to offer.

I also know these reels were designed with fresh water use in mind however I'm quite pedantic when it comes to maintenance and servicing so that won't be an issue to my understanding.

Thanks in advance and appreciate any info anyone has to offer.

Brad C

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Hi Brad, my favourite combo is a Samiki Zing 1 to 3 kg rod with a 1503 Presso Imprimi reel. I run 5lb braid with a leader of  6lb or 10lb leader depending on what I am targeting. I fish salt only and have had this combo for a couple of years now and the drag is still super smooth. 

Like you, I look after my gear but I haven't felt the need to service the reel yet.  It has managed some decent fish and a few drag burners that I had no hope of stopping on light line.  Mostly use it for flathead but it has also landed squire up to 50cm and grunter up to 57cm with no dramas. Pretty sure the daiwa rod would be a great match but have never used it. 

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Old Scaley,

Yeah that's a massive help. Those reels are a pretty Niche thing I believe so it's great to get that positive feedback. Really appreciate it.

I will more than likely be using original fireline or Daiwa J braid (which I haven't used yet but am willing to trial). 

Congrats on those catches on such a light reel too, would of been a battle or two.

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5 hours ago, samsteele115 said:

Get in contact with @Angus. He has some ultralight Nordic Stage rods at clearance prices going right now. Absolute bargains for a high quality rod.

Don't know about the gear you mentioned so can't help sorry 

Did not even see this. Yes clearing some rods to make room for new ones. Some nice stuff still left.

Nordic Stage Areal Jaeger would be perfect.


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Thanks for the info on the Nordic Stage gear there guys. Only downside is that I have the lay-by my gear so I can't buy outright. Great offer but to be honest I love my daiwa sticks so I'll stick to my guns. Gotta do what ya have to, right? Lol

Thanks for the info though, appreciate it a lot

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