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Mullet Strips Vs Prawns Vs Hardyheads


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Hi afoers 

Question, what is your favorite bream bait to choose out of a servo or tackle store freezer if u had to get bait from that source only in the following forms..

Whole mullet - to be cut into small strips on a single hook.


School prawns - used whole on a single hook.


Hardyheads/Whitebait - used whole on a Snell rig.

Thanks :)

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2 hours ago, christophagus said:

id pick prawns, they seem to get gobbled up pretty quickly. but id think mullet strips might last longer on the hook

Thanks Chris for the feedback.

Yeah prawns would be pretty hard too go past.

Mullet strips do last a while on the hook, but I find once frozen they lose there firm texture and original scent. 

But in quick grab n go situation I cant make my mind up what to pick, they all have +'s and -'s. The hardest thing in life.. what bait to buy :P

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19 hours ago, Daryl McPhee said:

This post of mine from elsewhere may help you a bit with bait choice in context and land based bream fishing in winter in general.  



Great article!!

Thanks for sharing a lot. Extremely helpful :)

16 hours ago, timtam_ said:

100% prawns

Thanks for the feedback - prawns seem to be the goer for 1 frozen bait option

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52 minutes ago, christophagus said:

now to throw a spanner in the works...

peeled prawns or with the shell on

Hmmm.. I think whole with the shell on, as the shell may help keeping the bait on the hook in a long cast or in foul weather when a half hitch is applied.

But peeled if the fish are fussy and a more finnesse approach is needed. 

What do u think @christophagus?

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1 hour ago, christophagus said:

without shell might entice a slightly fussier fish, but the shell would also keep the bait on the hook longer. if one isn't working then id try the other. one is bound to work!

That seems about right :)

The best things about prawns is they are very much so a multi purpose bait whereas mullet for bream can really only can be cut into strips.

Thanks for the feedback on this topic too

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