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A Few Squid And Dugong Encounter!


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Dad and I fished the Southern Bay yesterday and found it to be pretty slow with only a couple of squid coming aboard.  Really can't work out why as we were in some awesome places with nice amounts of grass.  Actually we ended up fishing just about every island and they were quiet everywhere.  Anyway we still had just enough for dinner and can I just say, they were the GREATEST squid any of us have every eaten.  I took everyone's advice and cooked them for only 30 seconds.  Man they were good. Every piece melted in the mouth with none of it being tough at all.  Thanks for all the help!

One of the more exciting things of the day was seeing a monster dugong swim under the boat and then watched it cruise around us sucking in air every so often.  For such a rare species, it was amazing to see how relaxed it was around us.  Tried to get a picture but ended up just watching it and enjoying such a special creature.  





Did I mention how good this tasted?:lol: 





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Yeah definitely can't complain with the weather @samsteele115.  Wow that would be something to remember.  So much for being an endangered species!

Good to know that it wasn't just us that's found them to be a bit slow.  I'm hoping for plenty more this year as I really have a taste for them now!  Would like to try cooking them up some of the ways you've shown @Angus

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