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Great Fightihg Fish Suggestions


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This may not fill your bucket as being a large fish mate, but I can tell you from experience that Bream are great fun on light gear. Get yourself over to Redcliffe and either fish from the Ted Smout bridge fishing platform, or the old Hornibrook bridge platform. Don't try to cast a million miles, just drop a lightly weighted or unweighted fresh prawn as close to the pylons as you can. You will need to watch the current to decide what weight to put on, but the less the better. You may need to even cast out a little so it can sink a bit as it drifts to the pylon. 

They will be feeding likely near the bottom. But there's just as good a chance you'll pick one up in the top third of the water as well.

Getting close to the pylon is just as important as fresh bait. If you want to be really tricky, a squidgy wriggler (70mm) in flash prawn colour on a 1/20 hidden weight jig head will work too. Drop it down, let it hit bottom, and gently lift the rod tip a couple of feet. Let the placcy swim back down again.

Let me know how you go :-) 



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