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Something Happened??????????


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The site has had a minor upgrade that brings with it a host of improvements and new features. We will do some posts explaining these over the coming weeks.

The changes shouldn't really affect anyone, if you would like anything explained in the meantime just let us know. 

To try to answer your queries: 

  • Site now is now wider on desktop computers to allow photos etc to be easier to see. The look of site slightly modernised
  • not sure why you can't find posts, nothing changed in that respect. Search function is still the same, categories are same etc.
  • Tags have been around for a while now and these allow topics to be tagged to allow searches to be done on these terms. We will be doing a post on this in a few weeks
  • site now requires users to login to see links and photos
  • New Clubs feature added, where fishing clubs can now create their own club which can be public or private and have their own forum, galleries, calendar etc. More on this in a few weeks as well
  • The like button has been revamped to now feature other reactions 
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