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Leslie Harrison No Not Never.


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SEQ water have just released an update on the upgrade of Leslie Harrison.

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Leslie Harrison Dam upgrade

Latest news - September 2017

Leslie Harrison Dam is set for a $24 million upgrade as part of Seqwater’s Dam Improvement Program.

In 2014-15, the water level at Leslie Harrison Dam was lowered and the gates were removed for the ongoing safety of the dam. Since then, detailed investigations have been conducted to identify a preferred option to address the dam's safety issues and meet the Queensland Dam Safety Guidelines

Following an assessment of all the dam safety options, the decision has been made to upgrade Leslie Harrison Dam in 2018-19 and maintain its current full supply level once work is complete.

Seqwater takes its responsibility for public safety very seriously and while we appreciate the strong community interest in how we manage Leslie Harrison Dam, upgrading the dam is what we must do to keep it operating safely.

Leslie Harrison Dam is one of a number dams across the region to be upgraded over the next six years, along with Lake Macdonald, Cooloolabin and Ewen Maddock dams on the Sunshine Coast and Sideling Creek Dam (Lake Kurwongbah) near Petrie, north of Brisbane. 


Final detailed design for the upgrade is expected to be completed before the end of 2017, with construction to begin mid-2018, subject to final approvals. The upgrade will involve strengthening the dam’s main embankment and spillway to improve performance and better withstand more extreme weather events and earthquakes.

Click here to find out more about the future upgrade.




To say that I am bitterly disappointed is a minor understatement.

Even after the up grade the dam will not be restored to its previous full supply level but the worse part is in the FAQ.

Q-icon_0.pngWill recreation be permitted on the lake?

There are no plans to introduce recreation at Leslie Harrison Dam in the foreseeable future. In 2014, Seqwater engaged experts to conduct a water quality study and develop a screening tool to help us better understand the impact recreation has on water quality in our drinking water lakes. The landmark study was one of the most complex and comprehensive of its kind ever undertaken in Australia. In 2016, a water quality assessment was conducted at Leslie Harrison Dam using this screening tool. The assessment found, given the dam’s role as a drinking water source for the Redlands, recreation cannot be considered because of unacceptable risks to water quality.

Wonder what our fat mouthed politicians have to say now after promising full public access,




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