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New Marine Safety Levy.


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Copy of email from QORF. Wonder how long it will take them to apply to recreation sector?



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URGENT: New Marine Safety Levies

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Marine Safety Levies

Hi Ray,

New Fees Proposed for Commercial Kayak/Canoe Operators

Under new draft legislation, domestic commercial vessels will be required to pay a levy

Read a list of concerns (courtesy of Outdoors Victoria)

Despite previous indications, Maritime Safety is now proposing to levy all commercially used vessels including kayaks, canoes and other small craft used for hire or drive. The fees proposed are not insignificant and have the potential to impact both education and tourism operators alike.

ACT NOW to oppose new Marine Safety levies

The Department is calling for submissions on the draft proposal and it is VITAL that all operators put in a submission by Monday 30 April 2018.

The department prefers to receive electronic copies of comments and submissions in either PDF or Microsoft Word format. Please email submissions to: nmsr@infrastructure.gov.au.

Alternatively, submissions can be posted to:

Domestic Commercial Vessel Levy Consultation
Maritime and Shipping Branch
Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
GPO Box 594

Public consultation submission details are at:

Please note that we must act swiftly as these changes are planned to take effect on 1st July 2018.

Useful Resources

Legislation – has detailed definitions:

Guidance note – for community groups:

(Thanks to Green Frog Adventures)



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