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  1. I guess the dye covers the thief, What's stopping it from covering you, Also make sure it's biodegradable dye or the greenies will hunt you down, That could be even more annoying than the thief's. "Legally" I doubt you could use it or sell it, So be careful. Good Luck.
  2. G/Day Mate, You might get better results if you can post some photos so people can see the windscreen and boat from a couple of angles.. Cheers
  3. Thanks mate, it took me a minute to work out about old mate, I'm a bit slow some days, nice one, lmao
  4. Some nice fish Dino, Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks everyone, Gave 1/2 to a mate who has been doing the allnighters with me. Very nice eating, still got 9 big serves cryovac'ed in the freezer. I guess the moral of the story is never give up. Cheers.
  6. I've tried all winter to catch my first Mulloway fishing every Wednesday night from from 8.30pm to 5am on the Tweed River in my Quinnie, with no luck what so ever, I've tried live mullet, live whiting, hard bodies and plastics, Every deep hole I could find, Even at the river mouth. I was told the start of September is getting a bit to late in the season for the Tweed so I give up until next year, I go down to the old Chinderah bridge with a bit of mullet fillet, no sinker, and I drop it down on a fast incoming tide, 2 min's later I was getting little soft bites I thought were bream and I give it a tug, My line takes off , A large bend in my rod and the real screams. my next thought was a stingray, 10 min's later it surfaces, To my surprise its a big Jewy, I was and still very happy with that catch, I had to walk it down to the rivers edge then run down to the water and drag it on to the sand, Yippee, I picked it up and the hooks fell out, Lucky night for me, Here is the photo. 100cm Jewy for my first ever, now I need a bigger esky.
  7. Well yes, State of Origin was good with a Great result, We also take the i'pad out and stream these things when there on. Now that's living.
  8. I braved the cold for an all nightery chasing Mulloway with a mate "Allan" on the Tweed River, We launched 9pm at Dry Dock boat ramp and headed to the main river hitting a few 45ft to 50ft holes, the moon was bright and the river was calm, We only had dead baits from Mullet fillets, Salted Bonito, Prawns, Pilchards and Live Beach Worms, We drifted the holes for hours with little luck catching a few small Bream and even smaller Flatheads, We tried all our baits but no Jewies to be had. I even tried some large glow in the dark soft plastic's but nothing, We headed north to the river mouth and it was a bit dangerous with 2 or 3ft waves breaking, Not good in my 3.9 mt Quinnie, so we tried the Jack Evans boat harbour and still no good fish, I noticed some long marks on the fish finder and suddenly I was on, I thought "you beauty, about time" some nice strong head shakes, then nothing, it was gone. It was now 3.30am and cold, We drifted the same area again and the same thing, some long marks on the fish finder and then yahoo, I was on again, big head shakes then nothing, it to was gone, Not one to give up I tried again and again, then some long marks on the fish finder again and I was on, big head shakes and even tacking a little line, yep I got this one, I get it to the boat and low and behold, it was a big angry eel, Noooooo I cried, It was a Pike eel or also known as a Congo, So i'm told,. By this time it was 4.30am and cold so we headed home, back at the ramp at 5am. It was still a good night, Beats watching TV. Sorry its not a good photo.
  9. Nice bag there tugger , You guys done well.
  10. I agree Tugger,red emperor are in the top 3 eaters on the planet, Good on ya mate. Cheers.
  11. I Love it Luvit, Congrats, When you find your feet I will be a customer, All the best.
  12. Moral of the story, Take your own beer on a fishing charter and don't try to steel the captains beers, lmao Did they get any fishing in, ??? Thanks for sharing kmcrosby78
  13. where dose the name "scaffolder cod" and cuzzy bro fish come from, Hmmmm
  14. Hi Shanty , I haven't fished Moreton Bay before, Here is a fb page for Fishing Queensland Turner Artificial Reef . Click on the pic to enlarge it, I don't know if its any good but its a start.
  15. G/Day Panther , Nice fish at the perfect eating size, It looks like you used a Squidgy Wriggler. I find I get 5 x more fish on the squidgy bloodworm wriggler 100mm. Good job, thanks for sharing. Cheers.