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  1. Hi Junky, I wish I could take the credit for the bone fish but it was the misses, AKA the Finance minister, She out fished me bad for the week, I did get the King thready before she out did me by 1cm with a blue salmon thready. I couldn't win a trick. hehehe.
  2. Hi Luvit, Yeah the misses got the bone fish on a bit of salted bonnie, she kicked my rear end all dam week, she is a fishing machine, I too would love to live there.
  3. Thanks guys n gals for your good advice, We done the trip to Hervey Bay for a week of fishing, I must say I was impressed with the place, The bay is huge with a lot of reefs, The sandy straights also has some good reefs, The weather started out a bit blowy, the bay was very choppy especially in my 3.9m Quinny, we got tossed around heaps and had a sore back for 3 days from it, However, nothing was going to stop us from having a go. the r est f the week was good weather except the day we left were it was perfect, I didn't wat to leave. Over the week we tried several locations, from out passed the Urangan Pier, to the Sandy Straights behind Woody Island and some of its reefs, 2 days at River Heads up the Susan. Finished the week fishing with the masses on the Urangan Pier were the bait fish was thick, Spotted mackerel carving through and some massive GT's, however no one could catch a thing, every one was using live Herring, Some young guy walks up and drops a frozen half of Pilchard in and was on in seconds for an under sized Spotted Mackerel. How ever it was still a good day with great views and lots of Turtles and little Rays, The water was crystal clear. Over the week we caught lots of fish species we don't get on the Tweed River, I caught my first King Thread fin, sadly it was only 57cm (legal size is 60cm) and in a matter of minutes the misses lands a Blue Thread Fin Salmon at 58cm, it turns out we could have kept that one "NOOOOOOOO" . Most of our fish was under sized except a Flathead, We ate that one. No Coral Trout or Barra this time round, but we did get a lot of other little reef fish including a Bone Fish. Next time I go there I now know the Spots to go, I can't wait This is only a few of the fish we caught.
  4. Ok, thanks, That sounds like the life, One day I too will try an all night drift. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the pic's and info tugger , it looked like a good trip for you and the boys, some nice looking Macks, cheers.
  6. aussie123, thanks, I'm curious, do you really drift on an over night trip, what if you have a nap or do you stay awake all night. I would be worried I would wake up in NZ or some where. hehehehe.
  7. Hello fishes, I have a question to ask to help sort out an argument with my fishing buddy who says ""you don't anchor at all off shore", I disagree but I am new at offshore fishing. So I ask for your opinion's please. Q/ Do you anchor offshore, Yes or No, Any advise or info would be great, thanks.
  8. Thanks Drop Bear, and yes I sure will be posting a report, Hopefully with some nice pic's too, Cheers
  9. Hi Fishos, I'm heading up to Hervey Bay with my 3.9 Quintrex for my first ever visit for a week of fishing in early May, If any one can tell me anything about locations and fish to target with any advise or warnings, would be much appreciated. I have only fished the Tweed for the last 10 years but I guess Hervey bay is a different kettle of fish. Thanks, Bent rods and tight lines to you all.
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