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Tweed/Tally Creek


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Had a session on the Tweed early Saturday morning.

A little puff of wind and rain early on but as the sun rose it turned into a nice day.

Headed from Kennedy Drive to Boyds Bay Bridge. Plenty of surface activity, turned out to be small Choppers.

Headed to another spot chasing Flatties, 4" Atomic Guzzlers were doing the damage along the weed beds. Landed 15 or so, a couple of Bream thrown in. Banana Prawn Gulp were also hot

Up again early and off down the road to my Trev spot, again the surface activity was hot.

The Trevs are tricky buggers to land, ony 1 hook up which turned out to be a Big Eye Trev.

Walked to the mouth of Tally Creek, there was a falla fishing for Luderick. Saw him land a few on weed. The Black Fish were schooled up under the bridge. [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/chop_AFO.jpg


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Good session on the flatties, do you think the prongs are better than the gulp shrimps? they seem to have more dangly bits?

:lol: your deckie is looking a bit "ruff" must have had a big night before:silly:

Have you got him trained to use the "paw" control on the bow mount?

Trevs are a great looking fish, well done.

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he is pretty handy at standing on the foot control, I will end up in the drink one day.

It was my first solid crack with the Guzzlers, I have been using the 2" Shrimps, sort of an each way bet as there is a lot of Bream working the weed beds.

Using the 4" cuts out the Bream but the bigger plastics seem to attract the bigger Flatties, the Guzzles action is pretty awesome.

Have been told the 6" White Prongs accounted for a heap of the bigger lizards in the recent classic

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The Guzzlers were very popular during the Classic. Team Atomic finished up near the pointy end of the field and I believe they used them a fair bit. We mixed up the plastics we used and found the lizards seemed to hit most - although the two biggest for us fell to a Guzzler, but a minnow not a prong.


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