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tides & moon phases


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Hi to all, I have a few basic questions on tide and moon and if and how they affect fishing to any extent, so here goes.

I have heard that the last two hours of a run out tide is the best time but how do you know how long after slack high it begins. Im still finding it hard to understand the tide times i tend to get it wrong even after studying the tide guide and adding the differences.

Next how much does the moon phases's affect the fishing im only talking about bream, whiting and flathead at this early stage (don't want to overload my brain).



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Hi Steve didnt quite get a grip on your first question but re moon phases I think its with full moon the high's are higher during the day than the nights and the lows are lower durting the day than the night. Whislt with new moon its the opposite.

I havent really found a pattern in bris, but up north a few days leading up to a new or full moon and a fews days after a new or full moon seem to have provided best catches.

As far as tides go check out this site.


You can pick specific locations on the bris river which may help clarify your first question re timimg???

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