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fishing raby bay


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hey to everyone im new to the site found it while looking for information of bull shark fishing in Brisbane a couple of months ago and registered a short while later.

fist of all nice site and seems like a good community and I’m glad i found it

I’m heading out to Raby bay on Friday night probably Sunday as well as I’m out for the next couple weeks looking after the parents house while they are away. I have attached a pic of the areas i will be fishing red spots are fishing yellow are trying to catch live bait.

I mostly want to catch a small bull shark I was there last Sunday night the red spot on the far right and I got 2 nice hooks up but only landed the 1 the first trace snapped (was old and should have changed it but had nothing to replace it with I’m currently making some new traces while browsing the site) and the other I landed a ice leopard shark probably just over the 1m mark which was returned safely.

Just seeing if anyone else fishes that area and could give me some pointers or directions on where to fish. I’m going to use mullet for bait of what live bait I can catch. I managed last Sunday to get an eel last Sunday which provided me with both hook-ups

Bit of a long post but yeah

Tanks in advance for any help


edit image was to large for forum upload :(

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Nice first post rastus welcome to the site :)

I'm guessing your landbased by the looks of your highlighted points, i've only fished the canals there a few times and caught a few bream and flathead so it may be worth throwing a lure around aswell.

Good luck and remeber to post up a report when you get back.

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