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earlier on in the week i thought i would go looking for mackrel,all's good, then speaking to kiwifisho, and it looks like i am going tomorrow morning with he and kriso and keechie and whoever else turns up, all good..:cheer:

but kiwi tells me that he has monday off too,hmmm, looks like a trip to the coast, but i like to clean the boat the day after fishing:dry: so if i go fishing on sunday the bloody boat will still be left as it was, so a new plan has been worked out:) fishing with kiwifisho saturday morning, come home, hook up the boat and spend the night at harry's, early morning head into the rous for some whiting, and be back at the manly boat ramp hopefully around 9ish, home by 9.30 boat cleaned and put away with all the gear cleaned and put away by lunchtime, and recover by monday morning, and go down the coast with kiwifisho, who needs work:P :) :cheer:

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