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Baroon 9 6 05


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Fished Baroon today. Got 3 good Bass in the boat (38cm, 37, 38), lost another couple close to the boat, missed a lot of bites.

Was pretty quiet Bass wise, got quite a few spangled perch throughout the day, could see the Bass on the sounder but they were not biting.

Then it started raining, Got the first Bass on a lure as it started to rain, (not me - my mate the mad lure fisherman) then the rest of them and the lots of bites over the next 10 minutes while it rained, as soon as the rain stopped they shut down again. It was a full on 10 minutes I can tell you! Problem was as soon as the bait hit the water, it got hit on the way to the bottom, could not get line tight enough to hook most of the bites before the bait was gone.

Tried those worms they flog for freshwater fishing, african night crawlers, not real impressed, small and wriggle that much hard to get them on a hook!. Got 1 bite from a spangled perch on the worms and that was that. Got the rest of the fish and bites on saltwater yabbies. (Rod with worm on it was untouched during the \"frenzy\")

All in all a good day, had the ranger pull up to say hello and check the boat and permit, nice bloke. He mentioned it was good to see the batteries tied down, as required. Being the old mans boat I just said yes of course. Had a look after he left, the old mans just got a couple of battery straps sitting on top of the batteries, not tied down at all. Have to fix that before the next trip!

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