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fishing at jindalee on mt ommaney dr

Mr Fish

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hi just wondering if this would be an alright fishing spot it has a jetty and looks good for me but just wondering if anyone has fished there before and caught anything. it is at jindalee and is on mt ommaney dr.

i have left a google maps link for u guys to look at the spot.

your help would be greatly appreciated

cheers charles


(copy it into the address thing)

plese look at it.

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It gets mad there on weekends with lots of boats! Really mad!

I've been meaning to do a minor bit of exploring up & down the river from that spot to see if there are any clear spots to keep away from the boaties. I've heard the Canoe club just up the road doesn't like people hanging around their nice piece of river frontage!

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hey mate..have fished there and caught bullsharks on the otherside of the river opposite the boatramp/pontoon......plenty of catfish to...i was in a boat which makes it easier as u can fish with the tide once anchored....i always found it frustrating to fish land based in the upperreaches of the river as the tide really roars through...but thats just me plenty of other people have success so good luck.....if ur going to target bullies try and find yourself some live mullet.....dead baits just get catties all night long...

let me know how u go!

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hey mate

i went fishing there today and didnt catch a single thing.:( .

the current was so strong and i think the fish were hiding from it.luckly there were no boats out today and it was very peaceful.B)

anyway thats fishing for ya.

:laugh: charles:laugh:

i put a few pics of the river and the boat ramp and pontoon.

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