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Ebay Problems


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Hi guys and girls,

As many of you are already aware i'm selling a boat trailer on ebay.

The problem is that i never put the word 'boat' in the title description so when a buyer searches for 'boat trailer' my add doesn't appear.

Unfortunately, because i already have had bids on my trailer i am now unable to revise the title description.

Apparently the only way i can get around it is to end my listing early and repost it.

My questions are, firstly how do i end my auction? I cannot see any option to do so.

and secondly am i able to save the current advertisement so i don't have re-upload the photos and re-type the whole lot.



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I ended an auction on a motorbike early once, and to find the link was hard. On the top right hand side you have to take about three steps to find the menu item you want. I can't remember exactly how to get there though. I found it by searching 'end auction early' You can reuse an ad, if you saved it when placing it initially

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