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Gidgee Lures - Vict Point Boaties Market Line Up


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Market Day Special!!!!

Kidney Slappers are little poppers

Pup's and Kelpies are walk the dog style.

I will be selling the Kidney Slappers for 2 for $12.00, the Kelpies for $10.00 the Pup's for $8.00 (please note that this price is a special for the Market Day due to paint issues on these lures only).

Other lures for sale on the day will range from $13.00 to $20.00 and I will be taking special orders on the day on all the lures I produce and will have a display of each shape.

Cheers Tom

Any questions please PM.

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Just thought I pass on that the Market Day has been cancelled. :(:(

If anyone is interested in the Market Day Special I was having send me a PM.

Let hope the VMR are able to reschedule another Market Day before October, they estimated good numbers for the one that has been cancelled.

Cheers Tom ;)

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