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FOTM & ROTM Submission Reminders


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** This thread discusses the content article: FOTM & ROTM Submission Reminders **

This is just a quick reminder to all AFO members.

The Team at Brisbane Fishing Online thought they would quickly draw to attention out monthly competitions. This is both for the benefit of the numerous new members and to remind older ones.

Lemax Report Of The Month: Please remember to nominate each month for your favourite Report Of The Month. Each and every month there are dozens of sensational reports that seem to miss their opportunity at the sensational prizes (courtesy of Four Fish Australia) on offer. Feed back from a couple of members suggests that this is because nominating a report for Report Of The Months wins someone else a prize and not the nominator! Well surely in true AFO spirit this should not stop people from nominating! After all you may find the favour returned in the month that follow!

Damiki Fish Of The Month: We would also like to remind you to submit your entries for our monthly Fish Of The Month competition. Each month a new species is nominated as the Fish Of The Month target species. The objective is to catch and photograph the longest specimen of the nominated species as possible (please review the submission process on the forum). The nominated fish is announced in the front page article at the beginning of each month, but you can also check this in the Fish Of The Month section of the forum. At present a fantastic lure pack courtesy of Damiki is available each month! Over the next month or so this prize pool will be dramatically added to so stay tuned!

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Further to this.

You CAN nominate your own report. This is not conceded or arrogant.

If you intentially sit down to write an awesome report with the hope of winning ROTM, then you might as well.

Good luck to all those competing!


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