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Shorncliffe -Pike about!


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hey people, just letting you know that the Short finned pike are out in huge numbers today at the pier.

took the dog for his walk and noticed a lot of fishermen were catching lots and lots of them.

Now here's some questions-

How big is the legal size?

and can you eat them? / what the hell do you do with them?

might go down and try to catch a few for the cat's dinner later on...

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Every where I have been in the last few weeks has been infested with pike.

Coochie, Peel, Vickie Point jetty and Manly harbour.

I've gone through about 10 packets of plastics and even caught one using a Natural Confectionary Company Snake lollie on a jig head instead of a plastic.

They've been trying to eat my squid jig.

Every where.

I know that a few people eat 'em. I have before and wouldn't go outta my way unless I couldn't afford dinner.

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