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Land Based Monday


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Hey guys,

I'm looking at doing a day trip this Monday and just want to know if anyone is keen to tag along for what should be a epic trip no matter where we go.

I'm not 100% yet where but it will be land based.

Could be NSW or QLD.

And the plan is to fish from ocean rocks or a rack wall both bait and spin.

That's all the info for now, but if you feel like fishing Monday or want to try something new or fish with someone who you have not fished with then let me know.



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51MPL wrote:

I've got monday off work.. super keen but you scare me, swimming in shark infested water etc :P

Well come for a fish then :P I won't scare you! you may scare yourself with the thoughts lol :laugh: but don't think the point will be any good this monday based on weather so far.

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