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Landbased late tonight


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I am heading out around St Lucia/Long Pocket tonight to hook a few thready/jew/bream.

I went out this morning and got owned by a large fish not a catfish, eel, ray, pike eel, but a real fish.

So I think the turn of the tide might bring some threadie's or Jew. I wish I had caught a glimpse of the fish, but it acted like a threadie, pretty docile till it knew it was too close to shore then it went mental..

Heading out around 8 pm to get some bait then fishing late into the night (or till I get too cold), the turn of tide is around 11pm so that's a good bite time.

Anyone keen can come along, nothing guaranteed, will be live baiting no room for lures or plastics , one rod each only.


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tis a bit cold but I might go and wet a line for an hour.

the tides not too great.


Edit: Went and had a fish, the tide was way too high, sat around but no bites.

Better off fishing the turn and outgoing, but didn't stay around that late.

Netted some good prawns though and seen some surface "boofs" and something

hitting small mullet in the shallows.

But not a bite.

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