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Scarborough Reef - Soft Plastics?


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nuc chick, lime tiger 3-4"...... gulp

pumpkin seed and casper clear 3-4".... power bait

with sp's try and use as less wieght as possible, the longer it flutter ( drops ) down the mor lickly of a strike.

get some 1/8 and 1/6 in a 2/0 & 3/0 and may be evan lighter

good luck

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Thanks for the info guys.

Went and bought

: Lime Tiger 3" Gulp Minnow

: Pumpkinseed 4" Gulp Minnow

Give these a go Friday night on the incoming tide at Scarborough

Was there on the incoming tide Saturday avo and caught a couple of undersize and one 41cm Squire but had a few nice big Snapper follow the bait right up to the boat but they would not take the squid.

Thought if i had a soft plastic to twich that would prob be the trick.

Anyways thanks again

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