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Jig Weights for Three Kings NZ


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hey guys,

i was wondering if anyone has gone jigging for kingies at three kings NZ...

what are the weight of the jigs used for that region?



Wally, we did all of our jigging product testing in New Zealand around the 3kings area.

Our new Zealand agents found that they needed 450g jigs and sometimes even 600g as the kings seemed to be in water around 180 metres deep. We made 24kg and 30kg jig rods but New Zealand only took the 30kg rods because of the need to fish so deep to get the really big fish. Our agents are selling 300g 450g and 600g gram jigs over there - nothing smaller. I have attached a couple of photos of fish they caught. The monster is actually a New Zealand Bass which is often found in similar waters to the Kingies over there.

You can see our Takeda Jig Rods and Electrical Banana Jigs on the website - www.austackle.com.au. The heavier jig rods are not shown because we only have sold them to the NZ market but they look the same as what you will see on there. If you want a couple of heavy jigs to play with let me know.


Mike Cole (Orca)





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