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weeks holiday on the goldie


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booked a weeks holiday down the goldie with the family.we stayed at capricorn one appartment just outside surfers..i chose this place as it has a pontoon and had intended on taking the boat down for the week but with the weather forcast for later this week i decided to leave the boat at home.we arrived sunday and did a placcie fish of the pontoon for a couple of bream but not much..on monday we did a trip offshore with fish the deep was a good day out but the fish just didn't play the game,plenty of shows but wern't feeding.ended up with a good feed for dinner so all was good.tuesday we bought a crab pot to throw in from the pontoon..we used the reef frames and we averaged 1 keeper muddie a day from the pontoon so was happy with that. wednesday we did the seaworld thing,thursday me and the youngfella headed to the spit for a fish the wind was howling but we caught an released around 15 keeper summer whiting from 23-27cm.too lazy to clean them.today we pulled the pot out b4 we left for another muddie.was suprising still getting muddies this time of yr just outside surferes.was a good week down there fishing wise and a good holiday.would highly recommend capricorn one appartments for a family holiday,had a massive heated spa so even in winter the kids can still swim and there is fish off the pontoon as well to keep them busy for a little while .muddie pic is the one we caught this morning a good full crab

cheers rosco

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