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World Vision Australia - Child Sponsorship


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World Vision Australia

Hi guys,

I am a sales representative for World Vision Australia and I just want to put this out there for anyone to just read, think about or want to talk about issues associated around the world.

I am sure everyone is aware that World Vision has be operating for a while now and may have come across the television ads, shopping center stalls and via the internet. At the moment we are running a campaign in shopping centers around Australia. The campaign involves Multiple Gift Appeal, Petitions and Child Sponsorship.

Multiple Gift Appeal-

for every $1 donated $10 will be donated towards live saving food.


We are calling on the Australian Government to donate more of the foreign aid budget towards nutrition and health for woman and children that need it.

Child Sponsorship-

- $43 a month

- Sponsorship is not a contractual agreement but rather a commitment in which the sponsor chooses to do, sponsorship can be cancelled at any point

- The donations are tax deductible

The way sponsorship works is we go into a community and make them self-sustainable, children receive health care, education, clean drinking water and better living conditions. You get to write to the child and they write back to you, if you are travelling to the country you give us notification and you can go and visit the child and see how your donations have benefited them.

Guys, I am just putting this to you guys it is a really good cause the way I look at it is every time I go and have lunch i spend maybe $10 and spend that amount near four times a week. Child sponsorship is around $11.25 a week and most of us spend more then that on our fishing tackle!! :silly:

If you guys are interested chat to me or go see some of the reps, even if your not interested in sponsorship support the MGA and petitions every little thing helps!!!!!


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