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hey guys im lookin for advice to help me catch some flatties most of the time wen i catch them its a bycatch but i want to be able to target them specifically any tips to do wit soft plastics baits or places to fish would be great


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Hey mate,

Here's a good thread to start/read.


There are a number of other threads to help as well but the general consensus is keep your plastic on the bottom, nothing smaller than a 3" plastic, somewhere where there's a little drop off on an outgoing tide. Cover lots of ground :)

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well to start off, you need abit of this


( 3inch armor shades in mobei ) ;)

with some of this


( TT hidden weight jighead) dont have to use hidden weights i just like them beeter as i feel i get more hits.

about top it off with some 3lb - 12lb leader.

also loads up on flatties nicely with this ;)


Nordic stage sharp shooter :side:

hahah fish the drop off, 2inch - 3icnh shrimp also go alright.. as light as possible asways gives you afew more taps, but they do have rarsphy ( i tthink that is how you spell it) mouths so be carefull and keep a light drag! hhaah

Hahaha good luck ;)

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Last year from April to August I consistently caught good size Flathead on lures...

This was a first for me, In my local river (Boyne River) I worked mud flat edges of the river.

For me my success started on Prawnstars in Natural colour in the biggest size...

I drifted and cast at the bank and violently jerked the lure then paused it for 10 seconds ( this feels like

forever when fishing) these long pauses was a big part of my catch rate..

I tried working them at normal speed and got none....

All of these fish were in 0-2m of water.

I just gave it a crack and found it really worked for me

Trolling Micro Mullets is another good way to locate them they are perfect for these depths along mangrove edges.

I have found along the mud banks where I have caught good flathead are good overhanging branch with shade or some

structure that is different to the rest of the bank will hold good numbers.

Also anabranches or drains off the river itself are a good start, within 100m each side of these is also worth trying.

I found my first batch of lizards when i used to watch bait jumping within 10m of the bank, they were fleeing and the

were boofs on the water near them. I thought this was Barra but it turned out to be flathead hitting the bait which

was a surpsise to me because I thought Flathead were lazy and waited for the food to come to them, not always the case.

I have had Flatties chase poppers all the way to the boat and turn back to there lays.

I hope this helped in someway i am probably rambling on...

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