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Tweed Rock Wall Sesh


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Hi guys,

Yesterday, as being my being my birthday my family and I as well as some other close family relatives headed down to the Tweed to do a bit of fishing as well as just chilling out. We set up camp closer towards the mouth of the Tweed River (Doppys Beach) and planned to fish off the end of the rocks. As we were setting up, we saw some spear fishermen going along the rock walls cleaning up on the Jacks. What practically made me quite sad was that the two guys would spear 2 or 3, go to their car, dump them into the esky and then go out back for more! And these weren’t small Jacks… we’re talking 55-70cm each. These two guys ended up getting a total of 10 Mangrove Jack! But I wasn’t going to let this spoil my day of fishing. After setting up, had some food and the birthday cake and then my uncle and I went out to a few locations to jig up a few live baits. In the end, we got 2 good sized mullet and a lot of herring. We got back to base, rigged up our rods and headed out off the far end of the rocks. (By this time it was about 3:30pm) The dead low tide was about to be at 6:00pm therefore the tide was still going out. When we got to the end, one of my uncles was already mucking around with bream, whereas my other uncle rigged up a big rod, with big hooks, with a big live mullet, in search of something big. I finally started fishing with a live herring which turned dead and after a while (30min) of continuous casting, I got no success. Whereas on the other side of the rock wall, my uncle hooked up on a dead herring. It was giving him a bit of curry and he almost lost it in the rocks. But luckily he didn’t… and up popped a healthy 40-60cm GT. He was happy with that and threw it back. I then switched fishing to the other side (casting into the mouth, not surf side) and all of a sudden, the livie rod goes off! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……….. (You get the point :P )He picked up the rod and set the hook. Fishing off the rocks was quite awkward and it was so easy to lose the fish. H walked down the rock wall while some of my other relatives held the line up so it wouldn’t cut on the rocks. All of a sudden, I see my uncle jump into the ocean to swim to shore, to fight the fish on an easier angle. I was very surprised when he did this! (Shows how much he is dedicated to fishing lol). Well in the end, he got the fish onto the beach to see another healthy GT going approximately 50-70 odd cm. He threw that one back again. We continued to fish and it was getting very evident that we were losing day light as the sun was going down. We continued to fish. I finally got some bites, but I could tell they were bream as they stripped my bait instantly. So I changed tactics and put on a pilchard. A few casts and nothing. Then I had my bait in the water and something good takes it. I set the hook and he’s on! The fight lasted 3 seconds as he ran me straight into rocks and broke me off :( When I wound back the line, all that was left was the leader and it was evident that was a fish that takes it quickly and runs to cover=Jack. Both my uncles agreed that it was a Jack. I rigged back up and continued to fish. Although that was it for me for the night, as no other fish enquired my bait. My uncle got a further hook up and run into rocks instantly=Jack. And he also landed a healthy little jewie going about 40-60cm. This was released as well. We finished fishing at about 7:00pm. So overall, I had a good day, although it wasn’t so successful for me for the fishing. But, hey? That’s fishing. I did bring a camera on the trip, although I forgot to take it up on the rocks, so sorry guys, no pictures :pinch:

Anyway I hope I’ll hook into a few good fish with time to come.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers Anthony ;)

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Nice little session anthony.

We used to fish of the tweed rock wall alot when we got our license.

The GT's there love 50 gram laser slugs. Alot of big green back taylor too in winter. Great fun on light gear

We used to see people spear jacks there back in the days too. Biggest i saw was around 75cm

We have spear fished there a few times. We didnt get any jacks, got a few big jewies and cod.

My mates still dive there n get jacks sometimes.

Bag limit for jacks is 5 per person. So im sure they are within legal limits..

I havnt heard of anyone who let jacks go except the tree huggers on here. They great eating mate.

Thanks for report.

Hope you have more luck next time


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Thanks guys, it really was a great day! :) I just thought it was illegal to spear fish along those rock walls? I might be wrong? Thats why I mentioned it. Anyways

Anthony ;)

I thort u were only alloud ro spear from keroseen inlet across to the sth side of teranora creek bank down to the main highway bridge

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