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Rock fishing - Mono or Braid?????


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Hey guys,

Just wanna know what you guys like to use for fishing off the rocks, ive always used 25-30lb mono as i worry that the braid will be easily cut on rocks, also have had problems with line twists around my rig when using braid,when i wind in its tangled around the hook and sinker, this is one of the main reasons ive chosen to always use mono.

please give me your opinion and maybe the rigs you guys use



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If I had a rig just for fishing in and around rocks then mono would be the choice.

If I was fishing from rocks out to the surf then braid with a long leader for when you get the fish to the rocks when winding it in. The braid gives you a better cast distance.

Depending where, then rigs are one of the 3 main ones - i.e. hook on sinker, sinker above trace (1.5 to 3 feet), or patternoster / dropper loop (sinker on bottom).

If taylor fishing then standard taylor rig with a mono trace of about 1 metre then swivel 6 inches of line with sinker then another swivel to mainline. This for me is almost always mono as I use an Alvey primarily.

If you are getting the braid hooking up on the sinker/hook etc then you are probably not keeping adequate tension on the line. The swirling waters and current can make the line feel more taut than it really is. You should retrieve the slack line when casting immediately when it hits the water otherwise the probability of a tangle is increased.

That's my general opinion/advice. The rock stuff is a bit open as there are a lot of variables depending on what sort of rock spot etc.

PS Making a heap of rigs up before you go is a good idea when rock fishing ;) :evil: :lol:

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I'd stick to what works then; which is what you've been using. lol

e.g. Tugger uses 40 and 50 pound mono around boat rock and lands plenty of decent ones. It's those that are probably 25kg plus that reef him.

But if you are landbased then the heavier the line the shorter the cast-ability (unless you tie on a brick), so if you can cast past where you need to now then you could probably up the size if it proves inadequate for the fish. If it's the other way then you could go down if you are after more 'sport'. If you're after a feed it sounds like what you are already using is getting results.....

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