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Noosa Suggestions


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G'day Keith

Welcome to the site mate, plenty of good people here and lots or good advice and reports.

Keep an eye out on the going fishing notice board as well if your keen to meet other members for a fish :)

There are few good fisho's from Noosa which i'm sure will post up some tips

Also have a look under the categories section, north coast reports and look for the Noosa ones posted, they may also provide some help

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Yes, the river is flooded , brown and very fresh at the moment.

There has been lots of little stuff around though.

However during flood on the change of the tides you have a very good chance of catching a big flathead, Jack or decent jew at the rock groin/mouth. I had a quick fish there on Friday in the boat but missed the tide change and it was ripping out too fast to fish. The water all along the groin is 6-9 mtrs deep at the moment and loaded with fish thatb have been pushed out of the river. There was heaps of big fish marking along the groin in particulary the car park end.

Other wise around Munna point and the woods bay area has plenty of Bream and small grunter at the moment.

A friend of mine has been getting big jew of the head land at Sunshine at night on pillys, might be worth a shot.

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