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Jack Help?

Plastic King

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I know this topic has been raised so many times before, but I thought it might help me and so many others. Not asking for spots just good advice?

1. I use 30lb Braid / 40lb leader is this too heavy thinking of using 30lb Black Magic leader

2. What is the best tide I heard run out?

3. How far is too far for them up the creeks?

4. Do Jack always sit in snags or will they sit in deep holes?

I'm currently trying well up Elimbah even right before a storm, lures I use are Zman Swimmers and Prawnstars was thinking of trying hardbodies soon.

Thanks Tom

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If you're casting lures around, I'd lean towards lighter braid (say 15-20lb) and look at around 20-30lb leader. The lighter line will help you present your lure in a more natural way, as well as giving you the extra casting distance. As far as how far up jacks go, they are known to get right up into fresh water at times, so i guess as long as there's sufficient bait and structure up there for them, they should be there!

I know in my local system, jacks bite best on the last half of the run out tide, as the water dirties up a bit, and gives them more places to hide!

Hope some of that info can help you!

Cheers, Chris

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G'day mate,

Jacks are a fickle species, plenty of people give up before they crack the code, so stick with them.

The heaviest I run is 30lb leader, I can fish that fully locked up no worries so I have never felt the need to go up from that, until you start hooking them I would try 20lb just to tip the scales in your direction a little, then if you are getting bricked go up again.

I dont worry about the tide too much where I fish, you can always find a location that looks like it will work no matter where the tide is, look for back eddies and pressure points in general, these give the jacks good spots to sit and wait for an easy feed.

You will catch them all the way up into the fresh when the conditions are right, I find in the areas I fish that with rain they push up into the system.

As far as where to find them, ie snags etc, one thing I have learnt is there are no rules for this species, anywhere they have some sort of cover near by and a good feed they will be there at some stage during the season, finding a good population is the key to them. They move heaps, but the most dominant snags in a river will usually hold fish for a good percentage of the season.

Good luck, and just stick to them, I have learnt more about chasing jacks by having donut sessions that hot sessions, anyone can get one when they are on, its figuring out the pattern that will have you catching them week in week out.

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Thanks guys I'm a very patient man, but it gets you down a bit when your not hooking up.......I've caught about 1000 snags lol must be in the right area. I think its the endless sessions with nothing that will make the 1st special, its hard not to have so much respect for these fish. Gave Elimbah a good crack and my mate got a 67cm Flatty on a Prawn star. Was thinking Maroochydore next I'll keep trying and will get 1 at least my casting is spot on now :lol:

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G'day mate, CJ has been spot on with the advice. Just rember these are ambush fish so they want to hide and do so where the bait comes to them.

In terms of tackle, 20-30lb braid and same FLURO leader. Fluro is by far the best for abrassion and its near invisble, something to keep in mind as you canand will spook fish.

I'd start with hard body lures until you get the "knack" of finding them. Most people tend to go too heavy on jig heads and so take the lure below the strike zone or into the snags.

Keep your retrieve varried, they like injured prey and injured prey/bait doesn't swim in a normal fashion or pattern. Consider livies and tossing them into the snags . On livies, clip off one fin so the fish swims like an injured one.

Be patient and be prepared to move but always revist. If you loose the fish on a missed bite/hook-up go STRAIGHT back in, he's more pissed at missing his dinner than you are of just missing him! If you loose him AFTER hook up or at the boat, rest the snag. Move to the next one.

Try and match your lure to the conditions and be preparedto change about until you find a colour etc that works.

Tight lines!

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