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A fantastic historical read.


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After hearing an interview of the author on nuggets 4bc and reading about it in the Redlands times i recently purchased " Against the Tide" by local Wynnum author John Parke.

I have read it three times and still finding little snippits that I missed.

It is a history of the Moreton Bay fishing industry since 1824 to the present day,with lots of old photos.

It concentrates on the Wynnum area.

The book is of particular interest to me as it mentions the old fishing families such as the Crouches, Stones ,Rabjohns to name a few.

I have known and worked with some of their descendants who have left the fishing industry and it is great to see part of our lost history preserved.

You do not realize what tough men they were in the early 1900.s.

No power boats so sail from wynnum to Moreton net 6 tons of mullet and find the wind gone so row all the way back( no ice in those days) to find the catch spoiled on arrival.

Book is only 97 pages but packed with photos,history and poetry.

From memory around $25 including postage.

Buy it on line from


Or if you are broke ask your local library to get it in.



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