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Bream Spawn Runs Brisbane???


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Hello all

I've been fishing a few times over summer targeting bream specifically and thinking I am doing fairly based on my last 2 sessions on the pine river but know the cooler months are coming up soon (2 weeks) and do know that chasing bream in winter is a different game compared to summer I know in summer that I need to fish light gear near structure as I've been told which I am finding pretty simple and is producing results.

But winter seems to be a bit more complex and difficult as the fish are on there spawn runs holding in the deeper areas near the mouth with good current flow and was wondering a few things

1. To catch the spawn bream would I just for example at lets say deep water bend (pine river) or similar location, cast my baits into the middle of the river or find it better keeping my bait tight against the shoreline snags as I am doing now in summer which producing reasonable results?

2. When is the main spawn runs? I was thinking early april to late july/early august

3. are the fish of better size during this period?


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I actually find the number of Bream the same for Summer and Winter however, I find that there are often more of the larger fish (30cm+) in Winter. 

I fish at night, with a strip of mullet flesh down at Victoria Point and have found the lower half of the outgoing tide gets the better fish. I will usually cast out a bit from the shore into a spot that seems to hold good Bream but that was through trial and error.

Usually find that the run on Bream happens when a) the air temp drops and b ) the water temp also drops. Or, at least that is when I get the regular biggies ;) 

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