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Lm Nannygai Mayhem- Torres Strait


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Scored another break in the weather a couple days before the full moon. Did a run 80nm from Thursday island to fish the somewhat deeper/ clearer waters of the Torres Strait. Found some awesome ground in 26-30metres (yes that is deep for up here) which was thick with LM nannygai. Smaller fish didn't seem as badly affected by barotrauma and seemed to swim off fine when released. And yes we stayed within our bag limit, after which we searched for more ground, explored some of the islands and had several swims as the heat was almost unbearable.

Fish were coughing up prawns and squid. We had packed several boxes of each so certainly matched what they were feeding on. These trips are usually few and far between so it was good to get out and make the most of the weather. 

Enjoy the Vid.



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