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What Reel To Buy....? Need Help In Making The Right Choice.

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Hi, first time on here.

I'm in the market for new fishing reels and need some support as the more I read reviews the more I get confused on choice. I feel that a lot of the reviews are paid members supporting the brand's. So I hoping in this forum I will achieve the result I want, so here goes. 

I fish in rivers and I fish off a boat in say maximum 12Mt deep in the bay from geelong Victoria. I am looking for one reel as an allrounder.


I have had my eye on the new Daiwa aired 4000 and the penn spinfisher v 4500. Understand there is a weight difference but I don't mind. There are good features in both. I like the feel in both but am looking for the product that will last the longest with minimum fuss. I hear the daiwa does not like salt water at all...Has anyone experienced either of the two? 

I must say I have had two penn spinning reels I purchased from kmart 10 years ago and are still as good as the day I got them. Now the question which of the two new reels will match that....?


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Hello @Faridsalibi@hotmail.com 

I have never fished down that way before and won't anytime soon but on what I know about spin reels is that it is quite hard to have an all rounder reel in particular your circumstances as fishing rivers and bays means you will run into a lot of different fish for example whiting tackle where you would use 1000 - 2500 sized reels with 2lb - 8lb line is a lot different to snapper or shark tackle where you would use 3000 - 5000 sized spin reels with 12lb - 30lb line so therefore makes it hard to have an "all rounder reel/outfit".

But if it were me in your case I would opt to getting cheaper gear rather than daiwa aired and penn spinfishers such as getting two reels for the price of one and the reels I would suggest would be the shimano sienna 2500 spooled with 6lb braid for your light work and a shimano Sedona 4000 spooled with 20lb braid for your med/heavy work which both of those reels are very much "bang for your buck", have reasonable drag quality, and will last forever if taken care of.

Also if your dead-set on sticking to only 1 reel I would suggest the Daiwa Aird but in a smaller size such as the 3000 spooled with 12lb braid this will be still fun on the smaller stuff but will handle the bigger fish with a bit of skill. And most spin reels hate salt water but if you are careful, give your reel a clean after every session, and don't go for swim at beach with the rod n reel in hand you WILL not have a problem.

Hope this helps     

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