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Gt Rod And Reel Combo


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Hi guys,

after some knowledgable advice from those that are in the know.

In 4 weeks off to Kiribati Island - lots of GT fishing.

Have never popped (and some stickbaiting) for GT's before and need to get set up.

Considering Shimano Stella 14,000 with PE80 teamed up with Ocea Offshore 792 stick-bait GT.

Looking at14,000 as will give me more flexibility when I return to Sydney (kingfish) rather than something that sits I he cupboard until the next big trip.

what are the issues with what I am considering and any other options you would consider?

Appreciate any advice or help you can give.




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Hey @crispy86 for that advice you would be crazy not to go see Duncan and Brett and Fish Head.

It is "the store" for this sort of thing.

Further more the Fish Head team have all been to Kirrabati several times over so the advice should be spot on.

A lot of new FCL rods out now as well which are worth a look.

Fish Head is largely online but they do have a store which is a bit of a mecca for GT fishermen.


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Hey mate, Kiribati is the name of the country. I'll assume here you're goingto Kirritimati (Christmas Island).

I use:

Zenaq Fokeeto 80-10, Stella 18000 with 130lb Jerry Brown. This is a big popper rod (upto 220g, but is also okay with stick baits  upto and over 200g+)

Synit Van Dieman 5-8, Stella 14,000 with pe8 Monster Battle (~100lb). This is a stick baiting rod for lures upto 140ish grams and small poppers to 120g (in my experience) but this is a proper big dollar setup ($2300+)

Plus some lighter gear too.

I'd seriously consider having a chat with Brett or Duncan at Fish Head. They have some of best knowledge, experience and range for this style of fishing as well as some great affordable GT gear (jigging master etc).

Or buy the combo in the post above^^

Check the overseas section under Kanton Island trip.

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