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Short & Bitter Sweet...


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Well today did not go to plan...

Was going to head out in the morning with Tanya for some squid but the weather put us off. However things seemed to fine up in the arvo so off we went.

This picture was taken heading out from the ramp...

2016-05-01 17.13.00.jpg

However 50 meters later and the smiles (well mine at least) dropped. Motor died and nothing I knew could fix it. Clinically checked all the obvious things, fuel line, kill switch cord, even double checking it was in gear 10 times but it gave no hint of restarting.

A couple of top blokes towed us back which was most appreciated. Why bitter sweet? Well Tanya suggested I need my own boat (i was using Henry's) so we can get squid every weekend haha.

Anyway dinner was not seafood but not tl shabby.


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3 hours ago, samsteele115 said:

So, what boat are you getting? :P 

Shame about the short session. 

No idea mate I may hold off till we renovate as it will equal a nicer boat and somewhere proper to store it.

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